About me

My name is Sky Walker, and wakeboarding saved my life. 

I first saw wakeboarding when I was about 8 years old, but I thought you had to have the $200,000 boat. I found a boat to be unobtainable, so I figured I'd never get the chance to do it.  I didn’t learn about the sport of  cable wakeboarding until I was 26, but since then, my life has gotten exponentially better. Now I have a fun way to get some sun and exercise, and I have also found myself a part of an international community where everyone wants what’s best for each other and to see each other grow. That’s part of what the “T” is in GoWakeboardt. 


GoWakeboardt was made to grow the sport through guerilla marketing. 

Festival Totems 

Before GoWakeboardt was even imaged, I wanted a flag to fly at festivals that says "WAKEBOARDING SAVED MY LIFE." 


I imagined a world, where it wouldn't be hard to find a sticker that says "Go Wakeboardt!" out in the wild. I figured if someone sees enough stickers, they might google "what is wakeboardt," be interested and want to try it for themselves. 

Park Ambassador 

Like cable wakeboarding, cable parks in general have a hard time marketing to new people. I want to be able to travel around and get the local cable park's name out there in each of their communities.